Awnings are one of the most gratifying products that we manufacture, simply because of their impact that they leave on a building’s front.  They are absolutely beautiful and give your business that throwback feel to the days of the small time villages.  Plus they provide shade and dry gateways for your visiting customers.

Our awnings are manufactured out of durable aluminum bar trussing.  The material that overlays the trussing come in two different varieties, fabric and vinyl.  The fabric awnings have a classier, “old-school” look to them.  They are typically installed as accents for the building’s ambience.  The vinyl awnings are able to be illuminated if desired, causing them to be more of a showpiece for a classic mom and pop retail shop.  Both awnings are available in a myriad of colors and can have the company’s logo or name adhered to the material.

Most typically, awnings can be found on the facades of restaurants and retail shops.  One thing can be assure, the addition of an awning to your place of business will undoubtedly beautify its appearance and assist in luring in potential customers.