Dimensional Letters


Quite simply put, dimensional letters are as classy as they come.  Dimensional letters are letters that are individually cut out of material and installed directly to your building.  Dimensional letters do not need a background to create the sign, they use the beauty of your building as their background art.  These letters can be installed both inside your building and outside, and will last forever regardless.

The most common use for dimensional letters is, without a doubt, reception areas of businesses.  We probably enhance two reception areas a month on average with dimensional letters.  This presentation gives their guests the immediate impression that they are a professional corporation.  Most of the time dimensional letters are manufactured out of metal.  We typically install them offset from the wall to allow shadows to cast from the lights overhead.  The finished look is beautiful.

Dimensional letters can also be manufactured out of acrylic and plastic.  If you would like to install these letters forty feet in the air on the exterior façade, then there is no need to pay the price for metal when you can accomplish the same effect with plastic at a more affordable rate.  To top off the presentation, we can install lights like goosenecks, to illuminate the letters in the evening and give your company that ultra classy appearance.

Dimensional letters are a sure fire way to beautify your company’s address.