Monuments & EMC Displays


With their typical large sizes, their illuminating capabilities, and their advertising power, our monuments are the most impressive sign that we manufacture. When designing monuments, the possibilities are endless. We can manufacture them in any custom shape that you should desire. We can make them out of metal or foam. They can be internally or externally illuminated, or not illuminated at all. They can have dimension, or they can be basic. We offer four basic types of, what we call, monuments.

Our most common, and clearly most elaborate, are the illuminated monuments. These are constructed of .090” thick extruded aluminum. The faces are machine routed where the graphics will appear. Then, the faces are backed internally with acrylic. The inside is then wired with all necessary electrical components to illuminate fluorescent bulbs. Once installed and illuminated, this showpiece will light up only where the graphics (letters) are located. The rest of the metal box will appear dark at night and at day the custom paint color will be visible. Typical uses for monuments such as these are for businesses’ property fronts.

The second variety has the same construction as above, less the electrical aspects. For monuments such as non-illuminated, the graphics are merely applied as pressure sensitive vinyl onto a flat metal surface. This offers the option of having an extremely professional sign while keeping the price tag down. Dimensional letters can also be applied to a sign of this sort, to present the monument with more depth. These types of monuments are also used for businesses’ property fronts.

Foam monuments offer the presentation of a rock, stucco, or brick finish monument without incurring the cost to fabricate an authentic monument of that stature. These foam monuments are actually constructed of polystyrene and then finished with a faux appearance that you could not tell wasn’t authentic unless you touched it. We can match stucco or brick colors as well as offer rock options. After manufactured, we can install any type of sign onto the surface from dimensional letters to wood signs to dimensional signs. The possibilities are endless. These monuments are most commonly scene at community entrances, businesses, churches, and parks.

With the impact of monuments, they are a great way to tell your customers that you aren’t going anywhere.