Vehicle Graphics


Throughout our company’s history, we have lettered more vehicles with graphics than any other sign we produce or service we provide. Plain and simple, when businesses need to promote their company on the road, they turn to Treasure Sign. We use only the highest standard of vinyl for application and we have the most experienced men in the industry applying the graphics.

Whether it is your pickup truck, box truck, or van, we can letter anything that moves. And chances are the lettering on your vehicle will last longer than you will own it. Our standard vinyl graphics will last a minimum of 8 years and our digitally printed vinyl graphics will last at least 4 years. Our vehicle graphics are even impervious to car washes.

We need no more than 1 day to letter your vehicle because all of the design and manufacturing will take place prior to the big day. When the day arrives to apply the graphics to your vehicle, we can do so in our garage or at your location – whichever you so choose.

Vehicle graphics are the most effective one-time advertising investment that a company can make.