Dimensional HDU Signs


No signs that we design or services that we provide receive more compliments than our dimensional HDU signs. Dimensional signs are signs that are either routed, sandblasted, or carved. We manufacture our dimensional signs out of high density urethane (HDU). HDU is basically a foam material that gives the appearance of redwood, but is more durable in that it will not splinter, crack or fade as quickly as redwood.

Routed signs are manufactured by routing the letters out of the material. This will make the letters at a greater depth than the surface. Sandblasted signs are made when the background is blasted away leaving the foreground (typically the letters) raised above the background. We can also carve our dimensional signs to create even more depth to the finished product. To accomplish this, we will simply carve (machine or hand) out an object of the same material and adhere it onto the face of the sign substrate, causing the carving to appear 3-dimensional. Combining this effect with a routed sign will, in essence, produce a sign with three different layers of dimension. All of these signs are primed and painted.

Typical uses of this type of sign are for community entrances, dream home identifications, and freestanding site signs for businesses.