Light Boxes


If you want your business’ name to jump out at night, nothing does it better than an illuminated cabinet.  Illuminated cabinets are extruded aluminum walls formed together to become a cabinet.  This cabinet will be wired internally with all of the proper electrical components to illuminate fluorescent bulbs.  Then, one wall of the cabinet will be manufactured out of plastic to allow the light to shine through this area and illuminate the graphics that we have applied to this plastic face.  The finished result is a glowing piece of art that can be seen from far reaches.

Illuminated cabinets can be manufactured to be installed as single-sided boxes onto your building’s façade or double-sided boxes to be installed on your grounds.  We can manufacture these free standing cabinets for just one company or create a pylon with multiple tenant locations for an entire shopping center or development.  We can also arrange to have these boxes wired to and powered up to make your job easier.

If you do not require the cabinet, as you already have one, we can simply provide you with a brand new face to give your sign new life.  To really change the look of an existing illuminated cabinet, we can even paint the aluminum walls to make your sign pop like it is brand new!

Illuminated cabinets are a fun way to assure that every customer notices your business both during the day and definitely in the night as your company’s name gleams in the lights.