Channel Letters


Channel letters combine the look of dimension with the effectiveness of illumination.  Channel letters are dimensional letters, or individual letters that are raised off of the building, that also have interior illumination.

The illumination is achieved by either neon or LED lights inside of the letter.  The power that generates these lights is either concealed inside the wall or building, or inside a raceway.  A raceway is a bar that runs behind the channel letters.  When dealing with channel letters, there are two different methods that we can install them.  We can mount each letter individually on the wall and hide the transformers in the building, or we can mount each letter on this raceway, which has the transformer inside of it, and then mount the raceway onto the building.

All channel letters are basically made the same way in that they all are constructed out of aluminum sides or pans that do not illuminate.  But then there are four different types of channel letters.  A standard channel letter’s face is made out of a translucent plastic that will glow when powered on.  An open channel letter is when the face is left off revealing the inside of the letter.  This will allow you to view the actual neon tubes.  The third option is a reverse channel letter which will show the face as a solid non illuminating panel just as the sides, but the light will seep out of the back giving the letter a halo effect on the wall.  The fourth option is to combine both the standard channel letter with the reverse channel letter allowing both the face to glow and the letter to have a halo effect.

Channel letters are extremely popular in the retail and restaurant business but are also opted for by some businesses.  Not matter where the application, channel letters are bound to draw attention both day and especially at night, while also preserving the beauty of the building.